The Need: Whilst working on a car parts assembly line in Birmingham, a male employee wasfactory-35104_1280

experiencing pain in his back, as well as in his hand and wrists.

The Objective: The objective was to discover the cause of his discomfort and take measures to prevent it reoccurring, which would enable him to work productively, without pain. A worksite Ergonomic Assessment was required.

The Solution: Firstly, the employee was educated about managing his medical problems and how to improve them (Pain Management advice).

Factory work methods were then discussed in the factory and his tasks and responsibilities examined. Assessments were made of the work environment and all the tasks were analysed on an individual basis.

Different ways of completing these tasks, which would enable him to continue working productively and likely to prevent injury and were suggested and put forward to the factory Manager and the Occupational Health Nurse.

In addition, the manner in which the employee could pace his tasks and vary his activities was also looked into.

The Result: The factory became more open to discussions on other working areas. All tasks were reviewed with the view of moving some of them to further automation. High stools were also provided for some tasks in order to vary the work position, and lessen strain on the back.