car-repair-362150_1920The Need: A man with low back pain was on long term sick leave from his job at a garage. The Case Manager wanted to know what the job tasks involved and if he could return to his work role.

The Objective: The objective was to assess the work tasks prior to conducting a Functional Capacity Assessment. Therefore a Job Demands Analysis of the work role was required.

The Solution: The Occupational Therapist visited the workplace to discuss with the manager the specific job role to be assessed. This included gaining information on the physical work tasks, the work task mix and rotation, the breaks, uniform requirements, training, team working, environmental factors etc.

Following this the assessor observed the job being performed by another worker and recorded the time spent in particular postures, the movements required and equipment usage, including the manual handling demands such as the weights lifted, carried, lowered, pushed and pulled.

Photographs & video clips were taken of the equipment in use and the postures required in order to record the data accurately.

The assessment was approx 2 hours in duration.

A detailed report analysing the job demands was produced. A table layout in the report was able to clearly record the physical demands of the job in detail, and the frequency of which they were performed.

The Result: The Job Demands Analysis report will assist when conducting the Functional Capacity Assessment with an individual employee employed in that particular role, experiencing health issues. The data will also be beneficial for management, to assist others performing the same role within the organisation, in order to improve the work processes, review the ergonomics and postures of the various tasks. Therefore it can assist in the job design and the company strategy going forwards.