parcel-service-151371_1280The Need: A young man with Cerebral Palsy, working in Bedford was referred to assess whether he can perform his work role of Caretaker.

Currently he is performing alternative duties in a more sedentary role. He wants to return to return to the work role, but there are health and safety concerns about his ability to fulfil the role, from a mobility perspective.

Questions were posed by the employer:

  • Can he perform this job?
  • Can he work as a lone worker?
  • Can he go up and down stairs?
  • Can he move equipment?
  • If he cannot do the job – what work can he do?

The Objective: To assess the work tasks and answer the questions above.

The Solution: The assessor (Occupational Therapist) attended the workplace in Bedford and performed a Functional Capacity Assessment. The assessment duration was 4 hours. The medical condition and management of Cerebral Palsy was discussed. The work tasks were discussed and performance of the work tasks and work postures were performed.

A full written report was compiled after the assessment, summarising all of the work postures that the job entailed with details of how the client was able to perform the task/posture.

The report detailed the clients viewpoint regarding the role, their reported physical ability and also their demonstrated ability for performing the various work tasks.The employers concerns and viewpoint were also discussed within the report.

The assessor was then able to answer the questions which had been posed and make recommendations within the written report.

The Result: The assessment helped to resolve the issues which had been raised. Reasonable adjustments to the role performance were also recommended.

The client could perform the role if certain systems were in place. This assessment helped to resolve the issues for the client and the employer and gave a route to move forwards.