Mental Health Assessment – Case Study

Mental Health Assessment

This Mental Health Assessment Case Study  shows the positive outcome when Occupational Health Services are utilised.

The Need:

A young man was struggling with his work tasks. His employer was aware that he  had a history of anxiety and depression symptoms. They had implemented support services via their own EAP for private “talking therapy” input, alongside any NHS services that were available.

Work task issues were ongoing and a Performance Improvment Plan had been in place for several months, so he was referred for a Occupational Health Mental Health Assessment.

The Objective:

To assess the individual and his work tasks with a view to making recommendations about reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010.

The Input:

The Mental Health Assessment was performed.

The health situation was discussed. The past medical history, personal circumstances and the current symptoms with treatments being pursued were established. Side effects of medication were also considered, such as fatigue due to sleeplessness. Other health needs, including any physical health issues were also discussed.

Standardised questionnaires were also conducted to establish current levels of anxiety and depression symptoms. A suicide and self harm risk assessment was conducted, to establish if urgent medical support was required.

The work tasks and the performance of them was discussed. Specific examples of work situations and difficulties experienced were reviewed.

Further standardised assessments around stress, or other learning needs, such as dyslexia were also conducted.

The Solutions:

A detailed report was produced, which the employee was able to ‘review before release’ to the employer.

Recommendations for the immediate working situation were advised upon. No urgent medical assistance was required, but a reduction in working hours was recommended, to assist the individual to manage some of the symptoms they were experiencing.

Re-referral to specialist “talking therapy” services for treatment and support was also recommended. Self-help and condition management information was provided.

The employer was provided with specific answers to their questions. The report included detail to explain specific work circumstances that had arisen.

Reasonable adjustment recommendations included additional breaks in the working day and time to attend appointments was set up.

Health support meetings and the use of a WRAP and other govement support, such as Access to Work mental health support in the workplace could be pursued.

More regular 1:1 meetings with the line manager to review performance of work tasks were recommended.

Practical suggestions around task performance were suggested, such as using ‘To Do’ lists,  checklists, breaking down tasks to ‘bite size’. Writing down verbal instructions. Using Apps and other task organisational software.  Taking written information to meetings could also assist with reducing the levels of anxiety and performance difficulties noted.

The Result:

The individual had been able to discuss their health situation in depth with a healthcare professional and also its impact in relation to their work, so this had helped greatly.

They were able to pursue support and assistance suggestions to help them to better manage their mental health.

Their personal situation was now more fully understood by the employer and led to additional health and work task support and understanding.

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Mental Health Assessment – Case Study

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FCE testimonial by WTW

FCE testimonial by WTW

FCE testimonial by WTW

I met with our client, Electrolux on Friday to review all their services and they couldn’t praise your recent report highly enough.  It is enabling them to work with the employee much more constructively. They advised that they will not hesitate to use your services again – so thank you so much.



Kate Barnes, Commercial Manager
Willis Towers Watson

White Label Recruitment Marketing

Ergonomic Assessment Functional Capacity Assessment Evaluation DSE Assessment Workstation Milton Keynes Cambridge Oxford North London - white label

Thanks for the (DSE Risk Assessments) report. We’ve already acted on your recommendations, invested in a few key pieces of equipment and changed our (bad) habits. So thanks for helping us to proactively stay healthy or keep our legacy issues in check!

(January 2018)

Tracey Anderson
White Label Recruitment Marketing

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Healthywork Clients - Top employers

Alison provided workstation assessments and advice during our relocation. Although we are a small organisation it was important to obtain professional and expert help and I would recommend Alison to others without hesitation. (Workstation Risk Assessments and Ergonomic Assessments 2012)

Kathryn Swanston, Chief Executive, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Viridor Ltd

I found today’s assessment very helpful indeed, and am trying my best to keep my keyboard as close to me as possible – makes a big difference when I do, it’s even increased my speed and accuracy, lol.

Also, and more to the point, the pain in my back hasn’t got any worse today, and I haven’t used the wrist support, so having my arms supported (on arm rests) is clearly doing something for them already.

V. Jones Viridor Ltd

Ergonomic Assessment testimonial by Capita

Ergonomic Assessment testimonial by Capita

Ergonomic Assessment testimonial by Capita

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Alison Biggs from Healthywork Ltd. The reason is simple: she will provide the service that you require.

Healthywork delivered approx 750 Ergonomic Assessment to the customer Royal Bank of Scotland, and other companies in the RBS group such as Direct Line, NIG Insurance, Churchill Insurance, Coutts & Drummonds. Assessments were conducted all over the UK as bank branch and regional office assessments were required.

Fiona Colegrave



Healthywork Ltd have been extremely helpful over the last year and provided us with a very good service at very short notice.

The quality of their work place assessment reports and recommendations are extremely high. In addition, the employees involved have commented on the extremely helpful knowledge and support provided by the work place assessor.

(Assessments provided in Bristol and Central London).

Sarah de Vere, HR Manager, Higher Education Funding Council for England, based in Bristol

Sensory Dimensions

Ergonomic Assessment Functional Capacity Assessment Evaluation DSE Assessment Workstation Milton Keynes Cambridge Oxford North London - sensory

Many thanks indeed for the report.  Very thorough and a lot for us to do to help our member of staff.

I really appreciate the quick turn around.  (May 2017)

Simon Hails
Sensory Dimensions

GMG Color Ltd

Ergonomic Assessment Functional Capacity Assessment Evaluation DSE Assessment Workstation Milton Keynes Cambridge Oxford North London - gmg

‘I contacted Alison a couple of months ago and she came up to see me and my team quite recently, Alison was very thorough with everyone, some people needed an hour with her others just 10 minutes, however everybody got something out of her visit, the visit was informative but not long winded and not rushed.

I was also very impressed with the level of information supplied for each individual after the visit, which has enabled me to order what was needed (however I could have done without the cost this involved!!).

Overall I would highly recommend Alison and Healthywork Ltd’. (June 2017)

Ian Probert
GMG Color Ltd

Qualification Curriculum Authority

Healthywork Clients - QCDA

Friendly, helpful and informative, since Healthywork assessed my workstation and advised me, my bad back is better. What more do I need to say?

Mr Sam Morris, Qualification Curriculum Authority, Central london


Healthywork Clients - Unum

Alison is professional at all times, she is easy to work with, adaptable and open to discussing how, through the reports she produces she can meet the changing needs of her clients.

Elaine Cook