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DSE Risk Assessment

Display Screen Equipment DSE Risk Assessments – for Prevention. (Face to Face or via Video call).

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) risk assessment in the office environment to fulfil Health and Safety Executive regulations, whilst addressing individual requirements, improve comfort, productivity and educate on posture to prevent injury and aches/pains.

Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment – to ease ongoing medical issues (Face to Face or via Video call)

An in-depth ergonomic assessment and analysis of the workstation or work task area, addressing individual needs where a medical condition or pain/fatigue is ongoing & expectant mothers. Assessments also of driving posture, non computer tasks.

Mental Health/Neurodiversity Assessment (Face to Face or via Video call)

Mental Health/Neurodiversity Assessment (Face to Face or via Video call)

A Mental Health Assessment in order to assess the worker’s ability to perform their work role and suggest reasonable adjustments which can help.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (Physical Ability Assessment – Face to Face only)

Functional Capacity Evaluation (Physical Ability Assessment – Face to Face only)

A Functional Capacity Assessment is a comprehensive physical evaluation of an worker’s capabilities in relation to the physical demands of a job, to be sure they are suitable for the role or if reasonable adjustments will help.

Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive Assessment – Face to Face only

A Cognitive Assessment of the individual’s mental processes, including attention, memory, language, problem solving and making decisions during work and other tasks.

Visual or Hearing Assessments

Visual or Hearing Assessments

A Visual or Hearing Assessment is performed in the workplace to find solutions to suit the individual’s requirements and to implement reasonable adjustments.

Occupational Health Occupational Therapists

Occupational Health Services in the workplace are vital to  look after employee health needs and to comply with current legislation. They are tailored to the individual requirements and employment circumstances.

Healthywork Ltd offers the services of Qualified Occupational Therapists and other health professionals, specialising in Occupational Health and Work Rehabilitation in relation to medical conditions or work related ill health issues.

‘We are Health Professionals skilled to assess and rehabilitate the worker and to also assess the work tasks’

Services include DSE Risk Assessment  required for all staff who use a computer, including laptops. Prevent ill health and educate individuals in the correct way to set up their office chair and other equipment.

An Ergonomic Assessment or Workstation Assessment is more in-depth than a  DSE Risk assessment, for when there is a health issue.

A Functional Capacity Evaluation can assess employees working in more active job roles where their physical abilities and safety to perform the role needs to be established.

A Cognitive Assessment can assess cognitive and mental processing ability in relation to demands of the job role.

A Mental Health Assessment can assess psychological issues and how their health is impacting work performance and attendance.

Health issues and work tasks are analysed in order for tasks to be performed in a more healthy and ergonomically efficient manner.

Individuals can return to  or remain in the workplace, work with greater ease and independence, maximising productivity with risk of injury minimised.

Sick pay and recruitment costs can be minimised resulting in better sickness absence management and proactive Human Resources management.

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If you use Healthywork you will receive an unbiased, factual assessment on an individual and their circumstances, constructed in such a way that is helpful to both parties.

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