iStock_000004977630_MediumYour business is your people – without them there wouldn’t be a business.

That may seem an obvious fact but it is often overlooked.

Companies may think nothing of spending millions on machines and technology to improve efficiency but they don’t always consider the all important human factor.

If their employee’s are happy, healthy and productive they can achieve outstanding results.

Sometimes it takes just a few minor alterations in an employee’s working environment – perhaps changing the angle at which they work or moving their equipment – to make them feel more comfortable, can have a big impact on their output.

The services offered by Healthywork result in both business and health and safety benefits to employers, employees and other stakeholders in the workplace environment.

By using preventative measures and a consistently well-managed approach to ill health at work, significant reductions on Insurance premiums, both for Employers’ Liability Insurance and Private Health Insurance can be made.

The HSE report indicated that employee workplace injury and illness cost British employers an estimated 14.3 billion during 2013-2014.