Coronavirus & Working from Home

working from home DSE

Coronavirus  & Working from Home  What unprecedented times we live in! The majority of the UK workforce are now adjusting to working from home and being virtually housebound. How will we all cope? We are having to be inventive in

Occupational Health Assessment for Back Pain

occupational health assessment for back pain

Employers often need to refer employees for an Occupational Health Assessment for back pain or other health issues. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) are costing UK businesses £7.4 billion a year through absenteeism. Also an estimated £15 billion a year in presenteeism

Pain using a non-adjustable Chair

Pain using a non-adjustable chair

Pain using a non-adjustable chair is a common problem. Are you using a fixed chair working at home? Does you working day require you to sit  most of the day? Pain using a non-adjustable chair  with few or no adjustments

Mobile & Homeworking DSE Assessment

Mobile & Homeworking DSE Assessment A mobile & homeworking DSE Assessment is required if you are working some of your time away from an ‘office’ location.  Are you experiencing aches and pains? So many of us are mobile working,  maybe

Reasonable Adjustments & Return-to-Work with heart conditions

Reasonable Adjustments & Return-to-Work Reasonable Adjustments & Return-to-work after a heart episode, can help ease difficult circumstances. As well as physical changes and getting back to health, the individual may have emotional worries and anxiety & depression issues which also