DSE Assessment from Healthywork LtdDSE Risk Assessments – in the workplace or home office. Face to Face or via Video call

Improve Health and Posture In The Workspace

DSE Risk Assessments (sometimes known as Workstation Assessments) are required in order to fulfil the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992/2002 and prevent ill health. Sometimes a basic level checklist has been completed (and all items are ticked!), but individuals may continue to be uncomfortable, experiencing occasional back ache, wrist ache etc. Sometimes a wrist rest or a mouse rest has been purchased  – but this can make the symptoms worse!

The Healthywork DSE Risk Assessment includes all the basics and also ‘best practice’ ergonomic advice which means that we provide extra information which will ensure that individuals understand how they should be positioned for their body dimensions. This will help them to be more comfortable and prevent ill health and the need for costly specialist equipment or time off sick.

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How DSE Risk Assessments works – 1:1 package

  • We spend 20-30 minutes with each employee individually, within the office work location. We can conduct the assessment face to face or via video call.
  • Using the Healthywork Workstation and DSE Risk Assessment Form, we check the workstation with each individual user. The score will help indicate what areas need further attention, within a suggested time scale.
  • We will check all parts of the workstation – including the desk, chair, monitor screen, keyboard, mouse, phone use and paperwork layout, and also environmental factors.
  • Improvements/solutions that can be implemented immediately will be made.
  • The individual is given a detailed handout to follow to set themselves up correctly at the workstation.
  • A written summary on each individual workstation user assessed will be produced within a report within 48 hours (where possible) of the assessment, with an assessment score and recommendations for each. General equipment recommendations and purchase information will be detailed in the report. (We are independent from suppliers, so you can purchase any items required from any supplier – but we will provide advice on what you require).
  • If a medical condition requiring a more detailed assessment is identified, a more detailed Ergonomic Workstation Assessment will be recommended within the written report, or additional assessment time can be added on at the time if preferred.

DSE Risk Assessments for Group Training & self-completion

We can also offer these assessments as group Ergonomics Training sessions and the individuals then complete the Healthywork DSE Risk Assessment Form themselves, as a more economical option, when there are larger numbers of employees.

However the restriction is that the individuals have to all be available for the education session and they do not get 1:1 input with the assessor, as they will mostly self-review their own set up after the education session (this can be an issue if all of the chairs are different models so we cannot discuss all of their features during the education session).

What are the benefits of this assessment?

  • Reduces the cost of sickness absence, further Occupational Health Services, Insurance and possible litigation.
  • Increase comfort and awareness of health, maximising the work environment and worker productivity.
  • Gain valuable insight into ‘best practice’ in the workplace.
  • Achieves employer Duty of Care and responsibilities under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992/2002.

When is this assessment suitable?

  • This assessment is suitable for an employee who is experiencing no symptoms or only mild intermittent symptoms. (If they are having ongoing symptoms, requiring medical input etc. they require the more in-depth Ergonomic Assessment
  • This assessment is classed as a risk assessment.
  • Can help prevent ill health in employees.

What are the costs of a DSE Risk Assessment?

When conducted Face to Face, these assessments take 30 minutes each (in a standard office environment) and the cost is £90 (per person), when several assessments (minimum of 7 to a maximum of 15/day) are conducted at one location on the same date. (Price dependent on the  number of assessments delivered per day/location). A group report with a paragraph per employee is provided.

When conducted via Video call, the assessment takes longer (45 mins to 1 hour each, as the set up may be non-standard, e.g.in a home working location) so the cost  is approx. £120 (per person), a sperate appointment time is required for each individual and a short report is written up per employee, not as a group report due to the different environmental factors, if WFH.

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