Our Occupational Health Services Case Studies demonstrate how Healthywork has been able to make a difference in diverse industry sectors. These are only a selection of real life examples, to give you a flavour of our client portfolio and the type of input we can deliver.

Occupational Therapists have unique skills and can provide assessments and other input, to give practical solutions and insights in all types of job scenarios for individuals with a variety of health conditions. They are skilled at assessing the job tasks and assessing the individual. They can then give detailed advice and help to move the situation forwards in a decisive and clear way.

Occupational Therapy skills ideal for Occupational Health Services

There is more information about Occupational Therapist Alison Biggs, the Healthywork Ethos and the benefits of using our services.

There is also information about Occupational Therapy generally  – listing the health care profession’s knowledge, skills and attitude.

If your industry is not represented and you require a tailored solution, don’t delay, contact us to discuss your needs.

Whatever your problem, we can help.

Workstation Assessment of Office Tasks - Case Study
Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment - Case Study
Ergonomic Assessment in an Office role - Case Study
Functional Capacity Evaluation of a Caretaker - Case Study
Ergonomics & Manual Handling Training - Case Study
Return-to-Work & Vocational Rehabilitation - Case Study
Physical Job Analysis of a Car Mechanic - Case Study
Functional Capacity Evaluation of a Carer - Case Study
Ergonomic Assessment in a Factory - Case Study
Ergonomic Assessment of a Teacher - Case Study
Ergonomic Assessment & Return-to-Work - Case Study
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