Ergonomic Assessment & Return-to-Work – Case Study

This Ergonomic Assessment & Return-to-Work Case Study  shows the positive outcome when Occupational Health Services are utilised.

The Need:

A lady was working with neck pain, aches in her wrists and upper arm pain. This had worsened despite previous assessments and adjustments in the workplace. She was on long term sick leave, for more than 1 year and wanted to return to work.

The Objective:

To assess the work tasks and the employee, with a view to her returning to work with suitable adjustments and a graduated return to work programme. Therefore an Ergonomic Assessment and Return to work programme were required. This assessment falls under the DSE Regulations 1992 and Equality Act 2010, to consider reasonable adjustments in the workplace in order to rehabilitate an employee back to work.

The Solution:

The lady attended her workplace for the assessment. The medical problems were discussed and advice was given on future health management.

The workstation was assessed, which involved assessing the desk, chair, computer equipment in use and optimal layout of the equipment when performing various tasks.

Also the performance of other tasks were assessed and the task mix and the taking of breaks and postural changes were discussed.

Lighting and other environmental factors were also considered. Improvements that could be made during the assessment were conducted.

A return to work plan was agreed with the lady and with the manager, to re-introduce her to work and to gradually increase her hours over the following weeks.

It was important that she did not return until the assessment recommendations were in place. Follow ups were also recommended to support her in the return to work process.

An advice sheet was provided to summarise the recommendations made and to provide the main points to consider when setting up the work area.

A full written report was compiled after the visit, summarising each factor of the work area and the recommendations. This included recommending suitable furniture and desk top items to make her more comfortable. Listing the specific products and the supplier details. Also detailing a specific plan of hours for her to commence.

The Result:

The equipment was purchased and the lady was able to return to work and gradually increase her hours.

She was able to implement the advice and recommendations.

She gained more understanding regarding managing her medical condition when performing work tasks.

Several follow up visits were conducted to provide further support, advice about increasing her work hours. Overall, contact was maintained for a further 14 months.

This lady is now working full time, managing her condition successfully and knows what her working abilities, needs and solutions are.

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Ergonomic Assessment & Return-to-Work – Case Study

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An Ergonomic Assessment provided by Healthywork was well worth the money. The chair has been set up correctly, and is now more comfortable for the user and we have purchased the desktop equipment they suggested and this along with correct layout and improved positioning has really helped towards resolving the discomfort experienced.

Linda Marston Human Resource Manager OTAL Limited - HO Birmingham Innovative solutions to and from West Africa

Viridor Ltd

I found today’s assessment very helpful indeed, and am trying my best to keep my keyboard as close to me as possible – makes a big difference when I do, it’s even increased my speed and accuracy, lol.

Also, and more to the point, the pain in my back hasn’t got any worse today, and I haven’t used the wrist support, so having my arms supported (on arm rests) is clearly doing something for them already.

V. Jones Viridor Ltd


Healthywork Clients - Unum

Alison is professional at all times, she is easy to work with, adaptable and open to discussing how, through the reports she produces she can meet the changing needs of her clients.

Elaine Cook

Basetek Ltd

The feedback from the staff is very positive and they all found it very interesting. (DSE Risk Assessments and Ergonomics Education sessions).

Françoise Ashfield BaseTek Ltd

White Label Recruitment Marketing

Ergonomic Assessment Functional Capacity Assessment Evaluation DSE Assessment Workstation Milton Keynes Cambridge Oxford North London - white label

Thanks for the (DSE Risk Assessments) report. We’ve already acted on your recommendations, invested in a few key pieces of equipment and changed our (bad) habits. So thanks for helping us to proactively stay healthy or keep our legacy issues in check!

(January 2018)

Tracey Anderson
White Label Recruitment Marketing

GMG Color Ltd

Ergonomic Assessment Functional Capacity Assessment Evaluation DSE Assessment Workstation Milton Keynes Cambridge Oxford North London - gmg

‘I contacted Alison a couple of months ago and she came up to see me and my team quite recently, Alison was very thorough with everyone, some people needed an hour with her others just 10 minutes, however everybody got something out of her visit, the visit was informative but not long winded and not rushed.

I was also very impressed with the level of information supplied for each individual after the visit, which has enabled me to order what was needed (however I could have done without the cost this involved!!).

Overall I would highly recommend Alison and Healthywork Ltd’. (June 2017)

Ian Probert
GMG Color Ltd

Qualification Curriculum Authority

Healthywork Clients - QCDA

Friendly, helpful and informative, since Healthywork assessed my workstation and advised me, my bad back is better. What more do I need to say?

Mr Sam Morris, Qualification Curriculum Authority, Central london

Avantek Computer Ltd

Healthywork Clients - Avantek

Alison @healthywork provided a very comprehensive report with recommendations to suit our clients needs. A very professional service.

Ergonomic Assessments provided in Bath, Oxford and Leicestershire.

Tony Lees, Avantek Computer Ltd, Leicestershire

Capital International

Healthywork were very efficient and able to help us with several situations. If you need a fresh pair of eyes with a medical focus to look at an employee health issue, I would recommend them.

Jo Byrne, Central London

ARK Schools

Healthywork Clients - Capital Group

Ergonomic Assessments at ARK in London and at one of the Academies in Elephant and Castle, South london, assessing the ergonomic needs of teachers.

ARK Schools, based in Central london